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Brazilian Pool is played with 15 balls and a cue ball. The goal of each player is to pocket their set of balls (solid: 1-7, or stripes: 9-15) and then to pocket the 8 ball. The first player to legally pocket the 8 ball wins the game. A player's turn is over when they fail to pocket one of their balls or if they scratch.

The break is made by Player 1, beginning from any point behind the Head String. The Head String is defined by an imaginary vertical line across the table at the rightmost spot. If Player 1 pockets a ball on the break, their set of balls (stripes or solid) is selected by the first ball. If Player 1 does not pocked a ball, Player 2 shoots and the table remains open until a ball is pocketed.

Losing the game
A player immediately loses the game for any of the following reasons:
- Pocketing the 8 ball when they are not shooting at the 8 ball.
- If there is not more opponent balls and the last shot was made by the opponent without commiting faults. - If there is not more opponent balls and the last shot was made by you and you commited a fault.

A fault is commited if the player dont hit firstly a ball belonging to your set of balls or if he commited a scratch (potted the white ball). Instead 8-ball game, in Brazilian Pool there is not ball in hand, instead, you pay your fault removing the least ball of your opponent from the table.
In Brazilian Pool even if you commit a fault when you shooting at the 8 ball you will not loss the game if your opponent have at least 2 remaining balls. In this case, you will pay the opponent removing his least ball from the table and the turn pass to him, he will win the game only if he pockets all his balls withot fails and without commiting faults, otherwise you will be the winner.
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